A standard yet customized, unique yet common, Content Management System. 

So what’s our CMS all about? And why did we go about developing it? Well, we have worked with many Content Management Systems, and still do. Many a times, we have clients who already have their website built in Wordpress or Magento, and are still unsure of how to update their pages. As wonderful as these platforms are, they may not be suitable for someone who is too busy to learn some technical maneuvers or too heavy for someone who does not need multiple stores with multiple languages and a 1000 products. It was like owning a building when the client only needed one apartment. Even though it was good to have the huge capacity, it needed maintenance, which is expensive and cumbersome.
So around four years ago, our web developers started building our own Content Management System, keeping in mind all the feedback that we got from other clients using other Content Management Systems. Take a look at some of our portfolio which have been built on our CMS.

Based on our development experience,  slowly but surely we built our CMS, initially for simple information based sites. When we got positive responses, we decided to upgrade it for Ecommerce websites too. We researched other CMS, and picked up the best but not so detailed modules on discounts and reports. We brainstormed over what are the main and most important things that an SME would require from the backend of their CMS. 

So after a lot of research, head scratching, coffee drinking.. we added/ we deleted/ we argued/ we fine tuned.. and fine tuned.. and came up with a product, we are sure, will be perfect for your SME.

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