More about Custom CMS

If you are just starting out with your business, and do not have more than 100 products, then you may consider our Customized CMS. The framework is very user friendly , because it has been made keeping in mind, the small business owner. The idea is similar to building a house. If your apartment framework and plumbing is already made, then putting the bathroom where you think is best, may not work because the plumbing is elsewhere. But if you build the house from bottom up, then you can put the bathroom wherever you wish.

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The custom CMS that we have built called the Kaos Panel is far more cheap than building the site using an open source CMS. This is because we have built the basic framework keeping the small business owner in mind. It is extremely user friendly and you will be able to make all updates without any technical skills. We also provide training on the CMS. We have a ready demo which we show to our clients and let them play around with it before we build the site. Our clients then feel far more comfortable and trust that they can use it in the future.


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Our CMS is build on the CodeIgniter (MVC framework) built in PhP. Most developers who are experts in PhP would be able to work on the custom CMS. So you are not stuck with us.