More about CMS

A  CMS (content management system) also commonly called the backend of the website, is a program that allows the owner of the website to make updates and changes to most of the content of their website, at their convenience. A CMS is also known as a web application.

There are many open source CMS available. These need to be customized to integrate with the front end of website.
Some CMS/web applications are suitable for ecommerce websites. They allow for extensive ecommerce functions, like adding/deleting/updating products, creating discount modules, a reports dashboard that tells you more about your sales. For e.g. Magento is one such CMS.
There are others in the market like OpenCart, Zencart and many more.
Then there are CMS’s which are better for content based websites. Namely Wordpress, Drupal etc.

Which CMS is best for you depends a lot of your website requirement, your vision for your business in a few years time, and on your budget, the number of staff you have to manage the site, their technical experience. There are specialized developers who are proficient in some CMS/applications.
If it is an ecommerce site, then how many stores would you have, how many products would you be selling, what kinds of discounts or reporting modules would you need?
If it is a content site, how extensive is the site, what other functionalities would you need?
All the above are relevant questions to consider before choosing your CMS.

The CMS built by KAOS for branding and information websites, sites which do not have ecommerce, or comparisons, or aggregators, is extremely user friendly and simple. It can be used for as complicated a design as you may wish. 

Contact us for a demo of our CMS, where you can try it for yourself to verify the ease of use. 

Another commonly used CMS for information based sites is Wordpress. Wordpress, which initially started off as a blog platform, has, since a few years, graduated to becoming a web development platform. 


Drupal is another CMS which is used by larger websites. It is a bit more technical and is a good option if you are building a site for a major corporation. 

Our Kaos CMS for Ecommerce is ideally suited if you are looking for an extremely user friendly backend, that gives you most of the  features needed by an online shop including Discount options, Reports, Wishlists, Member profiles, Options of adding/deleting/updating products. 

It is also perfect if your website is half and half, a lot of information along with Ecommerce. Moreover, you can build new features and functionalities bit by bit, as your website grows and you cover new milestones.

Contact us for a handson demo of the CMS. You can try it for yourself to gauge the ease of use. 

Another good CMS for Ecommerce is Magento. It is widely used by big companies that have multiple stores around the world, products in the hundreds or thousands. 

Then there is Opencart, which is a bit less extensive than Magento. In a nutshell, you do have a few options, and having a clear goal about where you see your online sales go in a year, or how established is your current sales, would be a big determining factor in choosing the most suitable CMS.



Making simple sites from Wordpress templates is surely an interesting project that you may want to take up yourself. Of course, if you are a big corporation, then this may not be the most professional option. 

Once the site gets a bit more complicated and requires a custom design or has other functionalities like Ecommerce, or forms, then it would need a bit more expertise from your side. If you have the will and the time, then do go for it. 

For all other options , regards websites, you should probably work with a reputable web development company. The team at Kaos are all computer engineers with expertise in one or more CMS