Have control on my website

As mentioned in our Web Design Process page, you are a part of the design process right from the beginning. You have the flexibility to make changes. Even once the site is almost completed, we try and accomodate all your web design changes, where possible. 



But at the same time, you need to keep the content of your site fresh and updated. And it may be very cumbersome to hunt and contact your web developer for every little change.

In comes the CMS. A CMS , also known as the backend, is a content management system that allows you to be in control of the updates. It lets you login into a programme, which will show you all your text content and products. You can add/delete/edit your content , at your leisure. An simple update button will at once deliver the changes to your front end website.  

It is imperative these days, to ensure that you get a CMS along with your website. And to make sure that the CMS is very easy to use, or that you get appropriate training on it. 


Contact us for a demo of our own simple and user friendly CMS or for more information on the other open source CMS that we work with. 

No! The programme that lets you update most of the content is built in a very user friendly manner. While you may not be able to use a fresh programme and customize the entire web design around it, and integrate it yourself, the end user programme where you log in and access your content is very clearly and simply laid out. Moreover your developer should be happy to assist or train you in the use of this programme. 

If you are a big company, you probably have a Chief Technology Officer. If not, yes, most CMS through which you can update your website have multi user access, where multiple users can either access all or part of the website. 

Integrating the CMS or customizing it to your website requirements is a technical process. We at KAOS are a team of Computer Engineers who are adept in one or few of the CMS. So you will not be able to change the entire layout of the website. 


You will still need to approach your developer if you choose to install some totally new functionality , or a new feature.