A brief overview

User experience design makes your website function like the mind of the user. Yet it aims to project a look and feel that is an extension of your brands personality. Site Architecture determines the flow of the different components. Using Photoshop we provide our client with different design options keeping their brand guidelines and suggestions in mind.


Our designs are then converted into web pages using HTML and CSS, tested for cross browser compatibility, responsiveness to different devices. The developer now starts getting involved in the process to start the CMS integration, or build the Custom CMS as required.



Most websites come with a Content Management System. The decision to use an Open Source CMS or to make a Custom one, depends a lot on the project requirements. We work with open source ones like Magento, Drupal. And we have our own CMS, which is based on the CodeIgniter Framework.
Extremely user friendly and sturdy.



Besides creating a design and site architecture that is search engine friendly, the site has to pass W3C validations. The meta tags. image tags, content all need to be optimized. These are part of the website building project. But SEO also involves a lot of off site activities, like being registered on local directories, social bookmarking, blogs, all which are part of our Online Marketing Package.


Ranking high on Google and getting exposure through Social media are imperative marketing strategies for any website. We do off site activities like writing and submitting blogs, participating in forums, writing press releases, creating Social Media pages and posting regularly on them, on topics related to our clients' industry.