Your Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing partner.

Kaos is a team of computer engineers, web designers , developers , coders, programmers and social media experts who work on various coding languages, software, APIs, CMSs like Drupal, Wordpress, Magento, and xHTML, CSS, Java Script, jQuery, PHP, Python, MySQL, AJAX. If all the above sounds like Latin to you, then in short we are geeks who like to design and develop websites and web applications, big or small, simple or complicated, and market them through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization

Our custom Content Management System (CMS) has been developed over the last three years and each version is more user friendly and advanced than the previous, which allows the client to make regular updates with minimal technical knowledge.

Besides the technology, we also understand that, what we deliver is as much a service as a product, hence delivering the clients vision, prompt responses, and good quality control are our biggest strengths.

We have designed and developed websites and custom web applications for various industries, and have also worked with branding and marketing companies for their development needs. So come in for a chat, and let us develop your website together. 


Your Web Design, Development and Digital Marketing partner.

From Start to Sales.. What we do…

Kaos is a team of Web Designers, Web Developers and Online Marketing Geeks. We have just one aim. To undersell and over deliver. As convoluted as this may sound, we want our service and product to speak for itself. There is only one way we can find success. If our clients find success.